Businesses today are supported by technology to run productively and efficiently.

The top concern of business technology today is the security of those systems. To remain competitive, businesses have continued to automate. Our goal is to help you gain confidence in the security, business continuity and regulatory compliance of your systems so that you can focus on your business growth and profitability. We can assist you with assuring the security, compliance and privacy of your information.

Our IT Assurance specialists have a detailed knowledge of business operations and the technologies used. They can provide an accurate assessment of your IT control environment and assist you in mitigating possible technology risks. Their experience extends to various operational roles across multiple industries and their expertise includes a wide array of hardware and software platforms.

H&b Service It Assurance

Data Protection

We identify the threats and risks of external and internal vulnerability, network security, operating system, firewall, and Active Directory assessments. We use automated and manual tools to review items.

Risk Assessment

We evaluate current risk assessment processes and documentation. We reconcile risk assessment documentation with the control framework selection and the technical control implementations. We also evaluate existing risk management assessment tools.

Network Security

We evaluate the overall information security program architecture from both a design and technical standpoint. We will identify any gaps in the control environment and evaluate policies, procedures, and related documentation.

Strategic Planning

We obtain an understanding of your data security strategy and verify that the data security strategy is aligned with selected control framework(s). We will also ensure that the data security strategy is technically managed and enforced correctly.

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