Special districts serve an extremely important and challenging role within the communities they serve.

You are tasked with tailoring services to meet customer demand, providing a nexus between costs and benefits for the services you provide, and remaining responsive to the needs of your customers. The relationship between a district and its customers must be protected; otherwise, issues of accountability and accessibility will arise.

We understand that special districts are challenged in a wide variety of fields and we can help you navigate these arenas allowing you to run a more transparent operation and deliver good quality, cost effective and valued services.

H&b Industry Special Districts

For over 20 years, we have been tailoring our services to meet the variety of needs facing Special Districts.

Commercial water and sewer utilities are tightly regulated by state public utility commissions, which set prices for water and sewer services. Our team has specialized knowledge for the challenges you face and provide sound business advice for a smooth running operation.

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