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Why choose us?

Because we can help guide you on your path to success. Because we provide continuous learning and are committed to your personal and professional needs. Because we believe there should be a balance between work and life.

H&b Careers

What Sets Us Apart

Whether you come from a small firm, a mid-size firm or a larger firm, we have career opportunities that are right for you. Your position with us will provide challenge, growth and personal satisfaction. We are committed to guiding you towards a high standard of excellence.

Our Team Is Amazing

We thrive. We grow. We celebrate. We laugh. We work together to provide the best service ever for our clients and, in the process, we help each other learn and excel.

What You Will Find

Top professionals, continuous training, flexible hours, latest technology, competitive compensation, benefits, exciting career paths.

Continuous Learning

We encourage all of our professionals to participate in training that will assist in their professional development and growth. Each professional will work with their mentor to develop a personalized training plan tailored to fit their needs and professional goals. We are committed to providing a superior level of training for each professional.

Life and Work Balance

Life and work balance isn’t just something that people talk about, it’s part of the culture of our firm. We also offer flextime and telecommuting options.

Career Path



To qualify for this position, you must be a current college student working towards an accounting degree. The internship occurs sometime between the junior year and graduation.



The associate position usually requires a 4-year Accounting Degree with 0-3 years of experience. This is a growth position and provides training and direction in both audit and tax.


Senior Associate

An accountant with a minimum of 1 year experience could qualify as a senior associate. This individual has exhibited leadership qualities, has had direct contact with clients and normally has passed the CPA exam.



Individuals at this level are normally CPAs and have had a minimum of three years experience as a Senior Associate (in-charge) and have exhibited technical proficiency and the ability to supervise complete engagements.



Works and communicates effectively with staff and clients to enhance their understanding of business and tax issues. Demonstrates an awareness of current business developments and the ability to determine the impact to a client’s business. Demonstrates an understanding of recent tax developments and their implications to client’s business.



Individuals at this level have assumed leadership roles within the firm. They have completed the requirements for supervisor and are working with the partners to have direct participation in the management of the firm and the development of the staff.



A select number of the firm’s most successful performers will be invited to become a partner. These individuals are responsible for the firm’s future. To reach this level, the individual will have exhibited superior technical competence, managerial abilities and the ability to attract and develop new clients.